Soil Science Australia Award Nominations Close May 31

The web site Awards page holds information on the conditions for each award and the application form.

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Soil Science Australia Awards:  Application form (WORD)   Application form (PDF)Information on the Soil Science Australia Awards and Award Winners:

J.A. Prescott Medal of Soil Science    
J.K. Taylor, OBE, Gold Medal in Soil Science    
Australian Society of Soil Science Inc. Publication Medal    
C.G. Stephens PhD Award in Soil Science     
L.J.H. Teakle Award

Soil Science Australia Fellowship Award: 

Guidelines (PDF)      Application form (WORD)     Soil Science Australia Fellows

Soil Science Australia Honorary Membership Award: 

Honorary life membership is restricted to persons who have retired from active service and 
who have rendered eminent service to soil science and/or Soil Science Australia 
Honorary Life Member Application Forms   
Word Doc     PDF

Honorary membership is restricted to visitors or special cases not covered in other membership and is determined by Federal Council.  Honorary Member Application Forms    Word Doc     PDF

More Science-Society interfaces for a global soil security

Paris, France, 5-6 December 2016

The 2nd Global Soil Security Conference aims to demonstrate that soil, this highly pressurized and crucial resource, is indispensable partner to meet sustainable development goals. The demonstration will be done by linking businesses, practitioners, policymakers and researchers on soil security dimensions through good working practices, business solutions, scientific outcomes and international initiatives that enhance protection and sustainable management of soils.

We invite you to join us to learn from and share your experiences from land management, business, policy and local practice!                                                                                                                                                

Information, registration and submission:


International Year of Soil in new Zealand - visit the new I love soil kiwi site


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Soil Science Australia


Soil Science Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that serves as the peak body for soil scientists across Australia, and seeks to advance soil science in the professional, academic and technical fields.  It is a member of the International Union of Soil Sciences



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J.A. Prescott Medal of Soil Science

J.K. Taylor, OBE, Gold Medal in Soil Science

Australian Society of Soil Science Inc Publication Medal

C.G. Stephens PhD Award in Soil Science

L.J.H Teakle Award


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