Bruce Carey Award

The Queensland Branch may award the Bruce Carey Award annually to a financial member of the Soil Science Australia (Australian Society of Soil Science Inc.) for outstanding effort in promoting and raising the awareness of soil science in Australia via activity with Soil Science Australia and the wider community.

Bruce began his career as a soil conservation extension officer with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries in 1971. He carried out this role in Millmerran, Goondiwindi, Emerald and Toowoomba before moving to Brisbane in 1988. His heart remained in extension and he continued his career as a science communicator in soils and land management. Bruce has given many soil related talks to community organisations. He was well-known for his ability to present complex information about soils in an interesting (and often humorous) manner. Over his career Bruce has made an amazing contribution to promoting soil conservation in Queensland for which he was a well-deserved recipient of the LJH Teakle Award.

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Queensland Branch, Soil Science Australia, shall award annually the ‘Bruce Carey Award”.

The Bruce Carey Award will be awarded for outstanding effort in promoting and raising the awareness of soil science in Australia via extension activity with Soil Science Australia and/or the wider community.

The Bruce Carey Award consists of a certificate and financial contribution towards soil science professional development; these are provided by The Queensland Branch. The financial contribution will be decided yearly by the committee.


The Carey Committee shall judge all nominations for the Bruce Carey Award.

The Carey Committee will be constituted and appointed by The Queensland Branch Executive prior to July 15 each year. The Queensland Branch Executive shall appoint new Members as may be required to maintain a Committee of three Members on the Carey Committee. The Queensland Branch Executive may at any time disband and reconstitute the Carey Committee.

The Carey Committee shall consist of three financial Members of the Society from the Queensland Branch. Each Member in turn shall act as Chair. The Chair shall retire after the Bruce Carey Award has been awarded.

Members of the Carey Committee shall not be a nominator or seconder of a candidate.

Members of the Carey Committee shall be ineligible for the award during their term on the Carey Committee.


The Award is open to financial Members of the Society who have made an outstanding effort in promoting and raising the awareness of soil science in Australia via activity with Soil Science Australia and/or the wider community.

The award is aimed at Early- to Mid-career soil scientists and professionals. Mid-career is defined as 10 years post PhD research, or equivalent for non-PhD qualified members.

Nomination of a candidate for the Bruce Carey Award requires a nominator, seconder.

Submission of a candidate for the award shall be accompanied by a case in the candidate’s support of up to 1000 words, and relevant documents supporting the nomination.

If in the opinion of the Carey Committee no outstanding application is received in a particular year the Carey Committee may decline to make an award for that year.

Unsuccessful nominations can be renominated in the following year.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be made on the prescribed application form, available from the Queensland Secretary or Queensland Branch website, and shall be submitted electronically to the Queensland Secretary not later than July 15 in the year in which the Medal is to be awarded.

Nominations are confidential to the Carey Committee and the Queensland Secretary will forward them to the Chair of the Carey Committee.

The nominator is considered responsible for confirming the successful receipt of the nomination by the Queensland Secretary if they have not received acknowledgement of receipt within seven days of submitting the nomination.

Award Presentation

The decision of the Carey Committee shall be considered final and will be forwarded to the Queensland Secretary before the Annual General Meeting in August each year.

The Medal shall be presented by the Queensland President or proxy at the Annual General Meeting held by The Queensland Branch or at another event determined by The Queensland Branch Executive.

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